Welcome to Fairway Property.

Fairway Property was founded on basic principles, which include fairness, adaptability, integrity, and responsiveness. We have found these basic principles to be effective and essential in offering and maintaining high level of professionalism and services we provide and are known for.

Our goal is based on each of our client's unique objectives, expectations and the ultimate realization of their ambitions. Most importantly, we stand ready to enable our clients to embrace the rapidly changing environment. As a partner, we focused on bringing a complete set of services that are tightly integrated to help clients navigate through difficulties, seize opportunities, and develop integrated, tailored solutions designed to achieve their objectives and maximize the value of their real estate holdings.

We have the size, the scale and scope of services. Fairway Property has the deep industry connections, local market knowledge and capable expertise to handle all of our clients' commercial real estate needs.

All of us at Fairway Property well understand that our guiding principles are driven by the best interests of our clients. We are dedicated to effective partnership with our clients, in order to attain our aims of achieving mutual objectives and shared goals.

Thank you for your continued supports.

Mike Shu